Wellington’s main street plays host to four star restaurants and mansions turned b&b, but for so many it’s the park that is the heart of town. Tucked in between cottages and the United church, Wellington Park leads downward to the lapping, shaley shores of Lake Ontario. Celebrations draw grownups to the gazebo while kids transform the play structure into ships of space and sea and time.

In Spring 2015 I was lucky to see the Alex Colville exhibit at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa. In Ms. Norene’s grade 13 Art History class I was impressed by Colville‘s mysterious, half-explained stories painted with clean perfection. Seeing his work in such large numbers revealed how much influence that early exposure has had on my illustration work.

All of my posters, large and small, are currently available at Books & Company in Picton, County Treasures in Bloomfield, The Local Store near West Lake, and Sidestreet Gallery in Wellington.

  • Collectible,  11″ x 17″ posters are available for $15 each. Buy the whole collection!
  • Limited Edition, 20″ x 30″, framed, signed posters are available for $300 (at Books & Company or directly with the artist).